Can Apple Watch water damage be repaired !

Can water-damaged Apple Watch be fixed? Repairs may not be covered by Apple. iFix India handles liquid damage, check signs of damage & repair options.

water damage

Signs that your Apple Watch has suffered 

Signs of Apple Watch water damage: corrosion, discoloration, moisture in display, mold growth on charging port. Repair required.

your Apple watch?

How does the water lock function work on 

Apple Watch's water lock prevents water from entering the device, safeguarding it from physical damage near water. Proper use is essential.

How to enable and disable the water lock?

Enable water lock in Apple Watch to safeguard it near water. To disable, go to settings > protection. Enjoy watersports safely.


Which Apple Watch models are water 

Apple Watch models like Series 3, 4, 5, SE, and 6 are water-resistant up to 50 meters. Caution is advised during watersports.

Why you should choose iFix India

Top-notch Apple Watch repair in Bangalore, genuine OEM parts, expert technicians, and up to 1-year warranty for replacements.


Follow steps to assess water-damaged Apple Watch. If beyond repair, visit iFix India stores or call +91 7676400900.

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