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How Much Does iPhone 13 Pro Battery 

Facing iPhone 13 Pro battery issues? Don't worry, we'll help! Learn about replacement cost, factors, and tips in this article. Let's begin!

13 Pro Battery Replacement

Factors that affect the cost of iPhone 

Split screens are available on iPhone models 6 and up (Plus, Pro, Max), not on iPhone 6, 7, or 8. No specific setting is required.

Battery Replacement

Tips to reduce the cost of iPhone 13 Pro 

Reduce iPhone 13 Pro battery replacement cost with warranty coverage, affordable services at iFix India. Compare prices for lower cost and higher quality.

Cost of iPhone 13 Pro Battery Replacement

Split Screens are not available on all 

iPhone 13 Pro battery replacement: Approx. cost 6,000/-. Transparent process, high-quality service, guided diagnosis to quotation.

iPhone battery replacement service center?

Why you should consider iFix India as your 

iFix India: Genuine OEM parts, doorstep & pick-up/drop-off services. Best iPhone battery replacement center in Bangalore. Convenience guaranteed.


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