How to charge Macbook without charger

Charge your MacBook with care. Use only the Apple charger; other methods are temporary solutions. Damaged charger? Get a replacement.

By using a C-type USB Adapter

Using a C-Type USB Adapter to charge a MacBook from an Android device can be slow and may damage the battery and cause overheating.

Power Adapter.

Charging your MacBook Using a Universal 

Charge your MacBook safely using a universal power adapter with interchangeable pins for portability. Ensure proper voltage to avoid battery issues.

Charging your MacBook using a Super Battery

Using a Super Battery to charge your MacBook is risky. Only use in emergencies as it may not be designed for your model and can damage the battery.

Charging your MacBook with a Power Bank

Charge MacBook with C-type cable using power bank; ensure power bank supplies 8v to 12v as MacBook needs more than 5v.

Solar Charger

Charging your MacBook with a portable

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