How to split screen on iPhone

Learn to split screen on iPhone for productive multitasking: access two apps simultaneously for a more exciting experience.

How to use Split Screen in iPhone?

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display > Zoom > Set > Use Zoom. Turn iPhone horizontally & launch app for split screen.

Split screen not available on all iPhone models

Split-screen mode is available on select iPhones with suffix Plus, Max, or Pro in models 6 and above, not on older models.

Apps used to split screen on iPhone

Download the free Split Screen-Dual Window app from the Apple App Store to multitask on iPhone. Split the screen and use two tabs simultaneously.

Multitasking by Split Screen

Multitask easily with split-screen mode on iPhone. Open two apps side by side for seamless browsing and messaging. Simple and efficient.

Alternative options to split screen

Alternative split screen apps include Split Screen View (free with ads), SplitNet (free, slightly outdated), WebDuo Pro (paid), and Split Web Browser (free, no ads, no social media).


Rotate your iPhone to landscape mode to activate split-screen. Apps supporting this feature will automatically split. Organize apps for smooth multitasking.

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