How To Tell If My iPad is Charging When Dead

Force restart iPad: Hold home and sleep buttons till Apple logo. To check charging, look for charging icon/sound, or battery icon appearance.

iPad when it’s dead?

How long does it take to charge an 

An iPad takes about 4 hours to charge with a 10W to 12W wall adapter, but longer when using a computer's USB port.

How to bring the iPad back to life?

If your iPad won't charge, the battery might be dead. Replace it with iFix India's best battery replacement service in Bangalore.

To reboot, ensure the iPad has sufficient battery. Connect it to a power supply or computer. Wait for the battery icon if the screen stays black.

To restart iPad, hold sleep & home buttons until red slider appears. Slide to turn off. Repeat for restart. Force restart: hold both buttons for 10s till Apple logo.

Reset iPad settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Restores factory defaults, no impact on data.

If steps fail, back up & restore data. Install latest iTunes on computer for backup and device reset.


For iPad battery issues, follow steps, contact iFix India at 7676400900 or visit for battery replacement in Bangalore.

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