iPhone 13 screen replacement cost India

Apple iPhone 13, launched in India in 2021, created a buzz with its premium design and features. Get iPhone 13 screen replacement cost at iFix India, Bangalore.

iPhone 13 Screen Replacement Cost

iPhone 13 screen replacement cost varies based on damage and location, ranging from 20,000 to 35,000. Warranty: 6 months to 1 year depending on quality.

Type of Damage

iPhone 13 screen replacement cost varies based on damage. Cracks/shatters: higher cost. Small scratches: lower cost.

Apple Care +

Apple Care+ offers extended warranty covering accidental damage, including screen damage, at a reduced cost. Small fee applies for repairs.

Third-Party Repair Services

Get affordable original screen replacements at iFix India in Bangalore. Avoid compromising on quality with third-party repair services.

Why you should choose iFix India

iFix India offers top-quality iPhone 13 screen replacement with original OEM parts. Convenient doorstep and pickup/delivery services available.


Get your iPhone 13 screen replaced at an affordable rate. iFix India offers top-notch services at 5 locations in Bangalore. Call +91 7676400900 or visit www.ifixindia.in.

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