become obsolete

When do MacBooks typically 

Apple preps new MacBooks, old ones fade. Obsolescence at 7-8 yrs, but usage matters. Common issues need repair.

Apple’s software support and updates

Apple updates MacBooks yearly, including older models, but incompatible ones can't install the latest macOS like MacOS Ventura (Jan 10, 2023).

Lifespan based on usage and maintenance

MacBooks last 4-9 years based on usage. Heavy use: 4-6 years, moderate: 5-7 years, light: 7-9 years. MacBooks outlast Windows (3-5 years).

The functionality of obsolete MacBook models

Obsolete MacBook remains useful for basic tasks & backup despite inability to update to latest software.

MacBook has major hardware damage

MacBook obsolescence due to physical damage. Internal or screen damage from drops can be costly to repair. Consider replacement over expensive repairs.

Signs that MacBook Needs to be replaced

Outdated apps & software on macOS incompatible. No updates → hacking risk. Limited multitasking, RAM upgrade impossible. Costly repairs, frequent restarts.

Can I repair my obsolete MacBook

Outdated MacBook parts hard to find at Apple Store. Consider iFix India for affordable OEM replacements.


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