Are you face charging problem with your iPad, iPhone, Macbook, iPod?

Charging is the most common problem in every electronic device. The battery may get damaged or stop working due to many problems. The main cause of the battery getting slower and not charging is using of devices when plugged in for charging.


  1. If your Battery Starts draining drastically.
  2. Battery gets charged very slow.
  3. Device getting switches off while using.
  4. The pin is plugged in and not getting charged.

These above are the following assumptions to know whether your battery needs to be changed.

Should I change the battery if my device is not getting charged?

First, let’s check what actually the problem is. It might be Charging pin problem, charging port problem, adapter problem due to which your device is not getting charged. If there is any one of the problems from the above ones, you need not to worry about your battery to change. If there is no such problem which has been mentioned above, you need to change your device battery before it harms you.


Charging Overnight will reduce battery life?

Yes, Charging your battery overnight may affect your battery and it can reduce the life of the battery. Most of the companies / Manufactures still suggest you quantify your battery by discharging and recharging it once in the 3 months. since your battery’s overall life diminishes over time, the time you have left on each full charge decreases a little with every full discharge. Essentially, every discharge shortens the battery life just a little bit. Discharging to 0% once a month helps the operating system calibrate the full life cycle of the battery so it knows exactly how much it has diminished over time.

Using Apps will drain a Battery:

Yes, There are few apps which may drain your iDevice battery very soon. This is not a device problem, it’s apps problem. When you are not using battery consuming apps, switch off the apps from battery usage so that, your battery charging gives you a long time.

Does using of local chargers affect the battery?

Yes, using of local and cheap chargers will affect your battery life and you need to change your battery after a few days. Use the chargers which are provided by the company inside the box. If your charger is damaged, get the new charger instead of using cheap chargers and losing your device.

Switching off your device mobile data, Bluetooth, Wifi helps you in saving the charge.

Where can I replace my battery?

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