3 tips to boost the Speed of your Apple MacBook Pro:

Apple’s MacBooks are the best things since sliced bread. But they aren’t cheap. And when you spend Rs.90-100k+ on a laptop, you expect blazing fast performance. Sure, they are fast. But as the time passes by that performance starts slowing down.
This isn’t due to your hardware wearing down, but the junk/cache that accumulates over the period of your usage. Here are the Three Tips that will help you to restore that blazing fast speed you had when you used it for the first time:

  1. Upgrade your MacBook’s SSD:

    MacBooks come with PCIe-based flash storage which ensures super-fast read/write speeds, which subsequently speeds up application loading time, startup time and file save time. However, older MacBooks come with Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) which are significantly slower than the SSDs found in the latest models. Fortunately, You can replace your HDDs with SSDs to give your MacBook that added boost.

  2. Upgrade your MacBook’s RAM:

    RAM stands for “Random Access Memory” which stores the temporary programs to be used. It is beneficial to have more RAM as it helps in multitasking when you run RAM-hungry Apps like Photoshop, Aftereffects etc. all at once. 8 GB of RAM is a safe bet, however, you can go ahead and get up to 16 GB of RAM if you are not constrained by the budget.

  3. Keep up with the OS X updates:

    Every year, Apple releases new Updates to OS X and many people don’t see it as an advantage and do not update the OS. But, with every update, Apple also releases the fixes to the bugs faced in older versions of OS X. Hence, you should keep up with the OS X updates on your MacBook.

That is what you should do to Speed up the performance of your MacBook Pro. Now go ahead, Try any of those, run the benchmarks and then come thank us.

If you need any help in any of the processes mentioned above, you can always drop by any of iFix’s outlets and we will help you out fix that. 🙂

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