Can I lock my iPhone with my Apple Watch? is a query that users have while using the Apple Watch. It is indeed feasible. It is much simpler if you have an iPhone with a home button on the front.

With the finger that was used to set up Touch ID, press and hold the home button. Press the side button or sleep button to lock the iPhone. iPhones can automatically lock if you don’t touch the screen for a while or so.

It is best to open the watch app on your iPhone in order to lock the iPhone with your Apple Watch. Choose the passcode, then switch it off. Go to the iPhone settings, Face ID & Passcode, and enter the passcode to unlock an iPhone using an Apple Watch.

Does the Apple Watch show notifications when iPhone is unlocked?

You will get notifications on the iPhone itself if it is unlocked. However, you will get notifications on your Apple Watch when the iPhone is locked. The Apple Watch must not, however, be password-protected.

Unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch

Go to the settings app on your iPhone, select “Face ID & Passcode,” and then turn it on to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. We will be able to access the iPhone using the Apple Watch once these settings are activated.

This is only applicable if the following conditions pass:

  1. The Apple Watch is closer to the iPhone.
  2. You already have an Apple Watch on your wrist.
  3. The Apple Watch is unlocked.
  4. The passcode is enabled on the Apple Watch.

You won’t be able to use an Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone, though, if you disable the wrist detection feature on your Apple Watch. Once this feature is enabled, the iPhone will unlock automatically, and we will get a notification on the Apple Watch.

When Apple released the iOS 14.5 update with this feature, using a face mask to unlock an iPhone was a challenge. A buzz on your Apple Watch will indicate that your iPhone is unlocked if you are unlocking it while wearing a face mask.

Conclusion to Can I Lock My iPhone With My Apple Watch

In conclusion, it is clear that this approach is both quick and dependable. An Apple Watch can be used to lock and unlock an iPhone. Additionally, keep in mind that using an Apple Watch to unlock an iPhone is less secure than using a Face ID or a passcode.

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