We iPhone users will be curious as to why our device is frequently disabled. Well, a straightforward explanation for this might be that you entered the passcode incorrectly. The device can be reset, though, to easily fix this. This is what Apple Support will advise you to do.

So, many of us will still be wondering: Does Apple charge to unlock a disabled iPhone? The short, simple answer is no. You can do everything necessary to disable your iPhone by yourself. Let’s find out how.

Does Apple charge to unlock your disabled iPhone

When the incorrect passcode is entered more than once, the message “iPhone is disabled” appears. If this happens because of touchscreen damage, then you will have to pay for the screen. Paying a certain amount at an Apple Authorised Service Center can be costly. The best replacement services are provided by iFix India at affordable prices.

It is always important to back up your data before resetting the device. You run the risk of losing your personal data, photos, and messages if you don’t back up your device. You will need to pay money to recover the lost data if your iPhone is disabled before you back up the data.

You can bring your device to our iFix store where we will help you with data backup and also unlocking a disabled iPhone.

Why is My iPhone Disabled

Disabling the iPhone is a way to protect the data because it has a very robust security system. The iPhone will automatically lock itself out if the passcode is entered incorrectly. Before the device is completely disabled, you can only try this about ten times.

How to unlock a disabled iPhone with a computer

A computer can be used to unlock an iPhone. If bypassing the security and restarting would have solved the issue, then everyone would have done the same. The security of the device is the whole point of a passcode. As a result, you must reset the iPhone.

With the aid of a computer, the disabled iPhone can be unlocked by performing the steps listed below:

  1. Turn on your computer, start iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the computer with the help of a USB cable.
  2. Start your iPhone’s recovery mode.
  3. If you have an iPhone 8 or later, hold down the power, volume up, and volume down buttons at the same time until the “Connect to iTunes” message appears.
  4. On an iPhone 7, hold the power button down for three seconds, slide the “power off” slider to the right, and then continue to hold the volume down button until you see the message “Connect to iTunes.”
  5. Hold the power button down for three seconds if you have an iPhone 6s or older, and then swipe the “power off” button to the right. Hold the home button until you see the message “Connect to iTunes.”
  6. Click “restore” on your computer.
  7. These actions will return the iPhone to its factory default settings.

How to unlock a disabled iPhone with the help of Find My iPhone

The “Find My iPhone” feature, which aids in tracking your device in the event that it is lost or stolen and cannot be found, can help us reset our device. You can use this feature to unlock a disabled iPhone.

  1. Launch your browser and go to the Find My iPhone page.
  2. In the iPhone list’s drop-down menu, locate your iPhone.
  3. To erase, select “Erase iPhone” and click. For the iPhone to be deleted, enter your Apple ID and password.
  4. The iPhone will be returned to factory settings after completing the above steps, at which point additional data backup procedures can be carried out.

Conclusion to How Much Does Apple Charge To Unlock A Disabled iPhone

Finally, a disabled iPhone can be reset with the help of a computer or the Find My iPhone website. You can reach us at any time by phone, online, or in person. We are Bangalore’s top source for Apple repairs. We are located in five locations: Koramangala, Kammanahalli, Marathahalli, BEL Road, and Indiranagar 100 Feet Road.

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