Do you feel like your iPhone battery health is degrading over time? It is not carrying the charge that it is supposed to. Furthermore, we’ve noticed that every time we charge, the battery’s health gradually deteriorates.

However, the battery health in iPhone degrades primarily as a result of continuous use or because the iPhone is old. There is a built-in tool in iPhone which lets the user know the app that’s draining the battery. We can enable a low power mode to reduce the background activity. 

There are a few steps that can be followed to check the iPhone battery health

  1. Examine your iPhone’s battery settings.
  2. Battery Numbers and Graphs.
  3. The app’s battery usage.
  4. Enable low power mode.
  5. Using third-party apps.
  6. Check the battery with the console app.

Examine your iPhone’s battery settings

The quickest way to check your battery health is to navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. We’ll be able to check the battery’s health here. Furthermore, it will display a message if the iPhone battery needs to be serviced otherwise, everything is fine.

Battery Numbers and Graphs

The battery numbers and graphs can assist you in knowing the battery’s condition. It shows the charge levels when connected to a battery and the charge levels when the charger is unplugged.

The battery charge from the previous 24 hours is shown in the activity graph below the battery levels graph. The following screen displays the screen on and off times.

The App’s battery usage

After we’ve finished looking at the battery numbers and graphs, we’ll check the battery used by the app. The app’s percentage of battery health is displayed in the default mode. The activity option at the top, then displays the amount of time the app has used the battery.

Enable Low Power Mode

The user can always experiment with the low power mode. This, in turn, can aid in increasing battery life. The screen brightness is reduced, and downloading and messaging are paused until your iPhone is charged.

Using third-party apps

If you want more detailed information than the inbuilt battery tool provides, we can use a third-party app that provides battery life information and advice. Numerous apps can be used. Clean Battery, Zen Battery, Battery HD+, and Battery Territory are a few examples.

Check the battery with the Console App

The users can get detailed information on the battery of an iPhone or iPad by using the console application that comes pre-installed on all Mac devices.

Launch the console application, plug in the iPhone to your Mac, and search battery health in the search query. This won’t work on the latest macOS or iOS models. 

Finally, the iPhone battery is designed in such a way that it retains up to 80% of its health after 500 times of charging. The closer you keep the battery to full health, the better it will be.

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