8 ways to fix at home, before processing a volume button replacement!

The Volume buttons of your iPhone aren’t working? And you are not aware of the problem why are they not working? Or your sound is too low or too loud and the volume buttons are not functioning?

If the volume buttons on your iPhone suddenly stop working there might be some major hardware problem into your iPhone. 


 1. Reboot Your iPhone: 

Reboot your iPhone by pressing a long hold on the power button, This is the main technique where many of the iPhone volume buttons start working. Sometimes it may work and sometimes it doesn’t.


 2. Try to press the volume up and Down button:

Try to keep on pressing both up and down volume control button so that if there’s any loose connection inside the iPhone it may get recovered and the problem of your volume button would get solved. Or it may turn up again and require technical help.

 3. Give it a Squeeze:

Try to hold the iPhone in your right hand with your right thumb on the upper side of the right corner and start pressing it with slight pressure, follow this method for a couple of times and see if the weather the volume control buttons start working. This can fix the problem and at the same time & it can also tend to indicate a loose connection in the iPhone.

 4. Tap the iPhone:

Slightly tap your iPhone on any hard surface without any pressure, be careful while taping your iPhone on the hard surface, so that it can damage your iPhone due to the high-pressure tapping. Tap it gently but firmly.

 5. Try Assistive Touch: 

Most of the times, this solution won’t work for a few iPhones. Go to the settings>general>accessibility and turn on the assistive touch. This option can give you the control over the volume buttons and tap the volume buttons, so that it may start working.

before processing a volume button replacement.

 6. Upgrade:

When you have not upgraded your iPhone to the latest software, this may also affect your iPhone’s volume buttons control. Try to upgrade the latest software and be on time.

 7. Hard reset your iPhone:

Your iPhone volume button not working? It may have a possibility that the software might have crashed and it has frozen your iPhone. So, when you use the volume buttons on your iPhone and they aren’t working. When you do the hard reset the iPhone will be forced to turn off and back on which will also unfreeze the iPhone and the volume buttons issue might be solved.


There are different ways to hard reset your iPhone based on the new models:

:- iPhone basic model to iPhone 6s: Press the power button and home button simultaneously and hold it until the Apple logo appears.

:- iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: Press the power button and the volume button and hold it simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

:- iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, etc: Press and release the volume up button, then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

 8. Hardware:

When all of the above techniques won’t work, then it is the hardware problem which is not letting your volume buttons to work. The hardware problem can’t be solved at home.


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