When you are traveling or far away from your home you might need internet access to your MacBook or PC for work. Therefore, we use our iPhone hotspot for the internet. However, the connectivity speed will be less, and the iPhone hotspot will keep disconnecting. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the fixes you can use if your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting.

What is an iPhone hotspot?

The iPhone hotspot connects your iPad or Mac to the iPhone’s data network, which acts as a Wi-Fi connection for all nearby devices. This method of connecting the hotspot when a Wi-Fi connection is not available immediately is called tethering.

iPhone hotspot disconnecting can be really frustrating at times. There can be a reason or two behind this. Let’s just go through some of the common problems and find the solutions to them. 

What are the fixes for the iPhone hotspot that keeps disconnecting randomly?

  1. Reset the network configuration.
  2. Carrier Settings.
  3. Update iOS Version.
  4. Examine your data usage.
  5. Turn off Low Data Mode.
  6. Connect to the Hotspot again.
  7. Keep Hotspot Screen On.
  8. Turn off Low Power Mode.

Reset the Network Configuration

We can try resetting the network configuration on the iPhone. Here are a few steps that can be followed:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Open the General menu. Click on the transfer or reset iPhone option.
  3. Click on reset network settings to reset your iPhone.

Carrier Settings

Regular updates are released by the local carrier to improve network connections and data speeds. These updates are installed automatically. However, if it fails to do so we can update the settings manually.

  1. Go to the settings, and open the general menu.
  2. Under the General menu select the About option.
  3. Scroll down and see the SIM details.
  4. Click on the Network provider option. 
  5. Check for the latest version and install it.
  6. Once done restart your iPhone and enable the hotspot again.

Update iOS Version

Using an outdated iOS version can cause the hotspot to disconnect randomly. Therefore, we need to install the latest version of iOS. Go to settings > general > software update to the most recent iOS version.

Examine your data usage

The iPhone allows its users to check their personal hotspot usage. It will give the user a breakdown of the data consumed by each connected device. 

You might have a data pack that has only limited data that can be consumed. Go to the settings > mobile data option to see the personal hotspot usage. Check the device breakdown for the usage of the hotspot.

Turn Off Low Data Mode

Low data mode is enabled if you are tight on data. This mode disables automatic updates, background tasks, and hotspot if it’s turned on. Low data mode, as the name itself suggests, reduces mobile data usage.

We can disable this feature by following these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app. 
  2. Go to mobile data and select your SIM. 
  3. Disable the low data mode from the menu.

Connect to the Hotspot again

When your Mac or PC is connected to the hotspot, you can forget the currently connected iPhone hotspot and try to reconnect it again with the password. Before connecting again, go to the settings > personal hotspot and check for the current password. You can also change the password from this option.

Keep Hotspot Screen On

Once your PC or Mac is connected to the iPhone’s personal hotspot, Make sure the personal hotspot screen is on all the time. This will surely consume a lot of battery life, but still, this can work really well. It is always advised that the iPhone is connected to a power source during this process.

Turn off Low Power Mode

When we enable the low power mode to save the battery, that also disables the wifi. Low power mode reduces background activity such as downloads and mail fetch until the battery is fully charged, as well as personal hotspot connection.

Keeping your iPhone regularly in low power mode can cause the Wi-Fi to disconnect continuously. Go to the settings option > under the battery menu, disable low power mode. Once these steps are completed, then you are good to go with the Wi-Fi connection.

Conclusion on iPhone Hotspot getting disconnected

You can get confused as the speed of the internet on your device will be really good, but when you tether the connection, we see that there is disturbance. The connection to a Mac or other device tends to get disconnected. 

Please try and go through these steps in order to stay connected to the tethered device throughout the entire day.

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