iPhone Water Damage!

If you own an iPhone, there might be a risk, At some point your iPhone may slump into the water while taking a bath, while working in the kitchen sink, while getting wet in the rain, Riding while it’s raining.

Handing over your iPhone in the hands of kids is a big headache which may also lead to your iPhone water damage.

Before you hurry up going to any iPhone service center first read this article carefully to recover your iPhone water damage. Which might be able to help you in cherishing your device back to normal life with the help of this article.

Let’s start with a quick solution of what can and can’t be done when you face the problem of your iPhone water damage:

  • Your iPhone may not be charging due to water damage.
  • iPhone is not switching/turning on.
  • iPhone is not functioning as earlier.
  • iPhone is getting overheated.
  • Display not working.
  • Touch not working.

There might be any uncertainties created which may lead to your Water Damage:

  • Getting wet in Rain.
  • Accidentally fell into the water.
  • Kids playing in water activities for fun.
  • Liquid on your iPhone.
  • Apple iPhone water damage due to excess moisture.

If your iPhone has a Minor Water Damage?

If the water is slightly fallen on the external parts of your iPhone body. Immediately take a cotton cloth and wipe the water before it goes inside and damages the other internal parts of your iPhone. Don’t take more time to clean the water else it may be a risk factor for yourself. Power off your iPhone and keep it aside for some time.

What to do when your iPhone has a Major water Damage?

Major Apple iPhone water damage is when you can clearly see liquid or water has entered the earpiece /charging slot etc.

Usually, major water damage happens when your iPhone has fallen into a water bucket, using iPhone while swimming, giving the iPhone in the hands of kids nearby water places, while working in a kitchen, etc.

When your iPhone has major water damage immediately turn off the iPhone and rush to the nearby Apple service centers. Where many people and websites have mentioned few solutions for recovering the water damage from your iPhone. But those steps won’t work in reality for major water damage cases, indirectly these steps may increase the risk of damaging more internal parts like motherboard, IC, etc

Few websites have mentioned the steps which are as follows:

  • External Drying.
  • Waiting for 48-72 hours
  • Dry out your wet iPhone with uncooked rice.
  • Dry out with silica gel.
  • Remove any accessories from your iPhone.
  • Remove the case to allow the air circulation.

Our technical team has observed that phones which are kept for more than 6 hours can develop rust in your iPhone parts and cause huge damage to the internal parts where the bill to fix these phones rises almost 10x -20x times than what it could be if the phone was just turned off and bought to service center, where even a normal cleaning service would fix the iPhone.

In most of the major Apple iPhone water damage cases, these type of solutions won’t work. When there is a major Apple iPhone water damage, all the internal parts of your iPhone body may get wet because of the water circulating inside the parts. Till the time you follow all the above-mentioned solutions to recover your iPhone, They might not work as a solution instead they might increase the risk of damaging more internal parts.

What not to do before taking your iPhone to a service center:

  • Do not switch on your iPhone.
  • Don’t plug in for charging.
  • Don’t place your iPhone inside the Oven.
  • Do not use a hairdryer for your iPhone.
  • Don’t shake your iPhone or rotate your iPhone.
  • Don’t press the Home button.

As soon as you met with a major accidental Apple iPhone water damage, hurry up to visit any of the nearby Apple service centers to get your iPhone as safe as before. If you waste your time now, you would even waste your important data, files, a big thing is you might also lose your iPhone.

The maximum time limit for your Apple iPhone water damage is only 6 hours. If you’ve read any wrong information and have followed the same by keeping your iPhone for more than 6 hours to 28 hours by hoping that your iPhone may recover on it own.
You are just wasting your time and getting into huge trouble of losing your iPhone.

When you take your iPhone to the Service center they follow the below mentioned Best Practices to save your iPhone:

  • Step 1: Dis-assemble the iPhone completely:  Firstly at service centers, the technicians will take your water damaged iPhone and disassemble each and every internal part of your iPhone. This step can be done only at service centers so that no damage takes place while disassembling the parts.
  • Step 2: Look under the microscope for the motherboard:   Followed by the next step, after all the components are disassembled the technician takes each and every internal part and places it in the microscope. The reason is, there might be the possibility of parts are rusted, motherboard damaged, short circuit, burned components might take place when you give a long gap after the water damage. It’s better to bring your iPhone as soon as possible to the service center to save from possible humidity & rust.
  • Step 3: Insert the motherboard into the ultrasonic washer:  After the test is done under the microscope, the technician carries your iPhone motherboard and insert it into a machine called ultrasonic washer and leaves some time for the water to evaporate.
  • Step 4: Clean the base plate manually with isopropyl alcohol:  After taking out from the ultrasonic washer the technician cleans the base plate manually with the help of Anti Static brush by using Isopropyl alcohol in it.
  • Step 5: Clean the connectors and the motherboard manually: Take a cotton cloth and clean the connectors and the motherboard with the help of hands.
  • Step 6: Heat gun drying: Dry the Motherboard with the heat gun for around 10 minutes.
  • Step 7: Put the motherboard plus the components: Assembling all the components of the motherboard and putting the screws back to their positions.
  • Step 8: Check the correct functionality of the iPhone: After all the process is done, the technician will power on your iPhone and check whether it is working fine or not.

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