Many MacBook users have reported voltage fluctuations while charging. This causes vibrations in the MacBook. However, this almost always happens close to the trackpad. They feel like micro-vibrations. When we use the MacBook, we can feel vibrations pass through our fingers.

The vibrations or tingling on the MacBook have no direct effect on you. So there’s no need to be afraid.  However, we may become frustrated while using the device. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss why does my MacBook vibrate when charging?

The cause of MacBook Vibration – Electrical Grounding

The lack of proper electrical grounding causes MacBook vibrations. There is no additional grounding line on the charging adapter. As a result, touching your MacBook while charging causes a vibration.

Why is electrical grounding required? Grounding is required to limit voltage to safer levels. It also protects against electric shock or electrocution. Your own body can act as an antenna, receiving potentially lethal electrical signals.

Using a third-party charger can also cause the MacBook to vibrate and electrocute you. A genuine charger will never land you in trouble. Please bring your charger to our store if you believe it is broken or damaged. We are here to assist you by providing genuine support and quality.

Furthermore, never try to charge your MacBook with a random charger because it will not provide enough voltage to charge the MacBook battery. Also, when charging your MacBook, always use an extension cord.

Using an extra charging outlet is the best way to ground your MacBook. Keep your MacBook on top of a table at all times. This will keep your body away from the MacBook, lowering your chances of being electrocuted.

How to Stop your MacBook from vibrating?

Whether you own a new MacBook or an old one it doesn’t matter, when connected to a power source there are chances of getting electrocuted. This means that your device is using your body as a route to the ground.

There are a few steps that can be carried out to stop your device from vibrating. They are as follows:

By using proper AC Plug

One of the most common causes of a grounding problem for a user is the use of the incorrect AC plug. If you’re using a duck head plug, swap it out for Apple’s standard three-pin plug. Always use an extension cord with your MacBook.

Remove the Plastic Cover

Another reason is that when we purchase a new device, the manufacturer covers it with a plastic cover. The plastic protects the stainless steel 10 mm from grounding. As your device ages, dust will accumulate on it, preventing it from grounding.

  1. Locate your power adapter and disconnect the power lead from it.
  2. A 2-pin connector for neutral and live connections should be present in the connector. This connector should come with a 10 mm stainless steel connector. 
  3. Remove any plastic covers that are covering the plug. Replace it after cleaning it with a dry cloth.

Conclusion to Why does my MacBook vibrate when charging

To ground your device, use a three-pin connector connected via an extension cord. Follow the steps outlined above to ensure that your device is properly grounded. If the steps below do not help you in any way,

Then come to our store, iFix India. We have knowledgeable technicians who can assist you throughout the process. We repair MacBook’s within two hours, providing availability and problem details.

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