iPhone X

The good news for every iPhone user. Apple has launched the new iPhone X with a unique design which has a newly immense technology in it. It has a full display of (5.80) inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1125 pixels by 2436 pixels which has 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio including true tone display, multi-touch display with HDR display. The iPhone X runs on IOS 11 hexa core and 3 GB RAM. It has a glass Front/ Back and a fully covered display and it also has OLED Display in it.

Why Is My iPhone X Screen Not Working?

There might be any screen damage problem so your iPhone may be not working. iPhone X has a fully covered display which is critical to handle. If there is a deeper damage in the display. The hardware stops responding and stop sending information on the few components of the software. So the iPhone X screen may not respond to your way.

There are some New Things on Screen, you’ll need to know it

As there is no home button on the screen of iPhone X. You need to be careful and use the phone. One thing you need to learn about the iPhone is the button combinations. If you want to go back for Home Screen you just need to swipe up at the bottom. If you have a screen damage for your iPhone X, then there will be a problem with using the bottom button.

The Components Which Gets Affected Due to Screen Damage.

All the components of iPhone X are very critical. It should be used very smoothly. One component is interrelated to another. If any one part of the iPhone gets damage, the whole body of the iPhone gets affected. In iPhone X most of the parts are on the display. The components which get affected due to Screen damage are:

  • iPhone x is built with the Face ID. It contains Flood illuminator which is part of the biometric. If the screen gets damage even flood illuminator may also get damage. If the flood illuminator gets damage the option of Face ID unlock won’t be working.
  • The ambient light sensor also won’t be working if your iPhone X screen is damaged in deeper.
  • Front Camera also may not work in good condition due to the screen damage.

All these parts are very critical and smooth handling. If the screen gets damage all these components which are connected to display also won’t be working. Get to us and get your iPhone X screen replacement in a short time.

Why Doesn’t Touch Work if the Screen is Damage?

The main objective of a touchscreen is based on the display. If the screen/ Display is damaged deeper, then your iPhone X touch also won’t be working. The touch on the screen won’t let the hardware to send the information to the software and it doesn’t respond in a good condition. When a hardware sends the information to the software, it is  

Is It Easy to Replace iPhone X Screen?

No! It is not easy to replace the screen of the iPhone X. There must be a person who needs to know the knowledge about the Mobiles so that he can solve the problem easily. Eg: If you are an architect, You will be able to know how much material should be used for constructing a Floor in a building. Can a Plumber know how much material should be used for constructing a floor? Everyone are professionals in their field of work. The technicians who have experience with the mobiles can easily solve your problems. Each and every part of the iPhone X is very important and critical.

Why iFix For Your iPhone X Screen Replacement?

iFix is the best Premium apple iPhones service center for all the iPhone models. We fix all types of issues and solve all problems for your Apple electronic devices. Our technicians use all the original and genuine parts from the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) so that the parts used and replaced by us are original. We are also facilitating pick up and drop, Doorstep service facilities to our customers who can’t reach our stores in their busy schedule for the service of their iPhone 8. We are located in the 4 different locations in Bangalore with the top experienced technicians who can solve any issue of your iPhone 8. We will provide you with a warranty for a period of time. Visit an iFix Store which is an  Apple Authorized Service Provider to make sure the service you get for your iPhone x is genuine and guaranteed.  

Bring In For Repair

Send In For Repair

Get to know the location of an iFix store near to you and get your iPhone 8 for the screen replacement and take it back within a few time. Our technicians will examine the iPhone and check it up and solve the issue and they will fix your screen. Visit our Website www.iFixindia.com Book an appointment for a Doorstep service/ pickup & Drop service. Our technician will collect your iPhone and will get back your iPhone to you with after replacing the screen with a good condition. Warranty will be provided for 5 days.

Our servicing steps for walk-in are:  

  • We see what the problem is.
  • We will examine the iPhone.
  • We will pass it to the expert technicians room and get the problem solved.
  • Our technicians are experienced who will fix and solve your problem easily.
  • If it is screen replacement, we use the original screen for replacement.
  • After all the process is done we send it to final checkup.
  • After the final checkup report shows successful.
  • We deliver your iPhone to you at the reception.

Our servicing steps for Doorstep / Pickup & Drop are:

  • We visit the customer’s place.
  • We will check what the problem is.
  • If its screen replacement, we will fix it at the doorstep.
  • If it is any other issue, We will pack it up carefully inside the box.
  • Get to the store. Fix the problem.
  • After the problem is solved and fixed, we take it to the customer’s place.
  • And deliver it successfully at the doorstep without any damage.

Do not worry, iFix takes care of your Apple Device as their own!!!

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